Voluntary Emergency Information Sheet

The MCM “Voluntary Emergency Information Sheet” is provided for your use.

As noted on the form, you can use it to provide information which could be used in an emergency. It will not be collected or reviewed by trip leaders or club representatives. The form is available for you to download – see below.

There are two versions of the form designed to make it easy for you to use, with the same content in different formats.

  • The Adobe “PDF” format protects the original content, and users of this format will need to print the form and write in their information.
    Download PDF version of the document
  • The Word format allows users to either type in their information and then print out the form or to print out the form and write in their information.
    Download the MS Word version of the document

Regardless of which form you use, MCM emphasizes the importance of marking the location (e.g. the pocket of your pack) where you carry a completed form with a distinctive string or ribbon. In the event of an emergency time can be crucial, and if the hiker has a completed form, the responders must be able to locate it quickly, without delaying other emergency actions.

The use of the form or the level of detail provided is completely voluntary, with each member or club participant balancing the usefulness of the data with personal privacy concerns.