How do I access the Hike Schedule?
Go to the main menu, hover over Hike, and click Schedule. You may also access this from the link on the home page.

How do I renew my membership?
You will receive an electronic message in advance of when your membership renewal is due.  Follow the link.

I lose the tabs across the top of the home page. How do I fix that?
Your laptop or PC screen should be at 100% or smaller. Tabs automatically resize for mobile devices.

Where are maps of hikes that I may use for my own hike?
Members have added detailed maps. Go to Hike and view the drop-down boxes. Trail Maps are at the bottom.

How do I add a hike to the hike schedule?
Scout your hike. Go to the “submit a hike” tab. Follow the prompts. Your hike will be reviewed by the appropriate hike coordinator and posted. Note: Send a message to Tirzah Rom if you would like to become a Hike Leader. Email tirzahrom55@gmail.com.

How do I change my address or email in the Member Directory?
Go to your Account page by clicking Account in the top right corner. You will see two sets of contact information. The first set of contact information is only for site administrators and record-keeping purposes. The second set of information, the Member Directory section, will be visible in the Member Directory to MCOMD members with an active membership.

May I bring a guest on a hike?
Yes! It’s a great way to get someone interested in joining MCM. Remember to let the hike leader know you are bringing a guest.