Mountain Club of Maryland’s COVID Hiking and Trip Restrictions

Updated May 20, 2021 – Please check back regularly

The Club will conduct hikes and trips consistent with Maryland’s Covid-19 guidelines and those of the governing bodies of county, state, and national outdoor jurisdictions. Please note that these restrictions supersede anything on the following pages. We will update this position statement as the situation evolves.

Members should continue to consult the online trip schedule on the website for the latest status of hikes and trips. They may have been adjusted, cancelled, or new ones added. Some leaders may add carpooling, carpooling location, and a carpooling cost to their current hikes. Please check with the leader or check for updated postings on the online Trip Schedule.

  • Registration for a hike or trip is no longer required unless indicated by the leaders in their descriptions.
  • Participation limits are removed, but limits can be set by the leader.
  • Participation on the AT is limited to 25 people. Further limits can be set by the leader.
  • Carpooling is optional and up to the leader’s discretion. All carpoolers must be fully vaccinated.
  • Non-members may attend the publicized hikes or trips after registering with the leader.
  • Agreeing to the MCM Covid waiver is no longer necessary.
  • Participants should still be aware of social distancing when with others.
  • Participants are asked to have a mask with them in case it’s needed.
  • Leaders are given latitude to make logistical decisions regarding their hikes and trips. Updates will be indicated on the online trip descriptions and/or when one is signing up.
  • Participants should not attend a hike or trip if they or anyone in their household are currently in quarantine, are awaiting the results of a corona-virus test, have a fever, or any flu-like symptoms.

Thank you for your adherence to the Mountain Club’s guidelines.