Department Of Natural Resources Recognizes The Mountain Club Of Maryland

The Department of Natural Resources (the DNR) has great news pages on their web site. Click here for a link to their “webzine”.

In their latest release, there’s an article titled “Mountain Club of Maryland: Working hard at having fun!“.

On Oct. 20, 1934 a group of 27 energetic men and women, led by Orville W. Crowder hiked along the Appalachian Trail from Crampton Gap to Weaverton, Pennsylvania. It was the first hike by the Mountain Club of Maryland.

The oldest hiking club in Maryland and the premier hiking group in the state is a Baltimore-based volunteer organization. Club members support Leave No Trace principles and work on local, state and national trails. They organize and lead over 300 events a year including hikes, camping, seasonal river tubing and canoe trips and backpacking weekends.

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