Help Us Plan MCM’s 90th Anniversary

In October 2024, MCM will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the first hike (from Gathland State Park to Weverton Cliffs) that led to the formation of the Mountain Club of Maryland later that year. Traditionally, we celebrate every 5-year anniversary with a picnic at Gathland and a repetition of the original hike. However, we believe that 90 years is a special enough milestone that we intend to have a year-long celebration of our history and accomplishments. Some of the ideas we are considering are:

  • Ordering special commemorative apparel items (shirts, hats, bandanas, and/or patches) for club volunteers and for purchase by members.
  • Recognizing the 90th anniversary during our regular 2024 events such as the May HAM, June picnic, and December holiday party.
  • Organizing a get-together at a rented venue with speakers and food to celebrate.
  • Recreating several of the original club hikes (in addition to the traditional Gathland hike) in our fall 2024 hike schedule.
  • Collecting memories and oral history from long-term members.

MCM is forming a committee to discuss these ideas, identify other suggestions, and help plan and organize activities. A few members of the MCM Council have volunteered to serve on the committee, but we need more participation. If you are interested in being part the planning committee, please contact

As more detailed plans are formed, we will be seeking more volunteers in the future to help with specific activities or tasks.