Hike Report: High Rock Graffiti cleanup

On 1 June 3 MCM members plus 3 volunteers from REI went to the High Rock area for a second graffiti removal session. This was further testing and learning on how to do this in remote areas away from support resources. The backpack sprayer system developed last month with grant money from LL Bean worked very well but it does use a lot of water which has to be packed in to the work site. Using a 5 gallon bucket with lid strapped on a freighter frame works perfectly for transport. On rocks, we were able to remove graffiti and leave underlying moss and lichens mostly intact. We tried a new procedure on tree bark and were able to improve removal.

Right now we are focused on removing graffiti on the AT and local social trails at High Rock to improve hiker experience in the area. Long term plans include a major cleanup at High Rock itself next spring once we get funding. Material costs are about $1 per sq. ft. and there are a lot of sq. ft. to be stripped. The LL Bean grant included money for remover (non-toxic and biodegradable) but that’s just enough for Pole Steeple and Shock Rock.