Maryland Hikers Trek Over 4,000 Miles on New Year’s Day

2,000 People Participate in First Day Hikes

Staff and volunteers hosted 33 guided hikes at 21 state parks on New Year’s Day. From beachside marshes to rocky cliffs, each park offered its own unique adventure and walk.

A total of 2,034 hikers logged 4,030 miles.

“First Day Hikes are becoming a New Year’s tradition with thousands of citizens starting the new year off immersed in the great outdoors,” said Maryland Department of Natural Resources Secretary Mark Belton. “My family and I enjoyed a tremendous outing at Cedarville with a beautiful three-mile trek. We enjoyed some quality time together and made some lasting memories.”

Maryland takes part in the national First Day Hikes initiative, which for past six years has encouraged Americans to celebrate the outdoors on the first day of the year. Sponsored by America’s State Parks, the hikes highlight the value of public lands and state parks in providing year-round enjoyment, recreation and relaxation.

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