Every spring the Mountain Club of Maryland (MCM) holds an election for certain officers. Traditionally, MCM has mailed paper ballots to members, which could be returned by mail or handed in at the annual picnic. As authorized by the Bylaws changes approved by members in 2018, MCM is implementing an on-line voting process for election of officers in the Spring 2019 election. An election committee (Bill Saunders, Sharon Sniffen) has carried out the planning for this year’s election. You will be able to vote on-line during the latter half of May and early June using Eventbrite. An email will be sent to members soon with instructions and a link to the voting site. The election results will be announced at the MCM picnic / annual meeting on Saturday, June 8, 2019.

While MCM holds an election annually, not all officer positions are elected each year. In 2019, the positions to be filled by election are:

• Corresponding Secretary (2-year term)
• 3 General Councillors that represent the membership at large (1-year terms)

As in past years, each membership may vote once for any candidate. Household memberships may cast a single vote for each candidate. In addition, as an alternative to these candidates, you will be able to identify a write-in candidate. However, you should contact this person and obtain his/her permission before nominating them.

Be on the lookout for the email with voting instructions!