MCM Spring Election of Officers is Underway

It is time for the Mountain Club’s annual election of certain leadership positions. While MCM holds an election annually, not all officer positions are elected each year. In 2023, the positions to be filled by election, and the volunteers who are willing to fill these positions, are:

 Corresponding Secretary:  Bob Goren

3 Councilors that represent the membership at large (1-year terms):

1.     John Barrett

2.     Dennis LeCompte

3.   Suzy Gerlak

We are asking for your vote to confirm these candidates and to approve certain revisions to the Bylaws that govern our Club.


Members can vote by clicking on this URL for our election site or by pasting it into your browser:

Then make your selections.

WRITE-IN VOTING. As an alternative to these candidates, you may identify a write-in candidate. However,you should contact this person and obtain his/her permission before nominating them.


Since its creation, MCM’s structure and organization has been guided by a set of Bylaws that control how our club is to be governed. (The existing Bylaws can be viewed on our web site at Microsoft Word – Bylaw Changes 2018 Rev.docx ( This year, we are proposing a few changes to the wording of the Bylaws:

  1. The position of Corresponding Secretary will be changed (after this election) to Data Collection Officer, reflecting the fact that correspondence is now carried out by individual emails rather than letters. Nowadays, the main focus of the Corresponding Secretary is to gather and maintain data on MCM’s hikes and other trips. This position is being changed from an elected officer position (Article IV) to an appointed Council position (Article VI).
  2. The position of Excursion Coordinator will be changed to Hike Schedule Coordinator to more clearly reflect the duties of this position.
  3. We are adding two positions – The Supervisor of Shelters and the Corridor Monitor Coordinator – to the list of appointed Council positions identified in Article VI.
  4. We are proposing minor wording changes to the section regarding Bylaws Amendments to more accurately describe how the on-line voting process works in regard to Amendments.

The actual wording of the revised Bylaws, which will be effective upon approval by our members, can be viewed at this link:

The election site will close on 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 7, 2023.

Since it is necessary to inform all members (including those who do not participate in the listserv) of the election, we will also be sending email notices to all emails on our membership list over the next few days, you can expect to receive a second email notice of the election.