Seeking Volunteers for Final Shelters Work Project

This has already been a busy year for MCM shelters, and I appreciate the help we’ve received this year from our volunteers., but we are seeking volunteers to help complete one last work project this year. The plywood panels that cover the two compost privy tanks at the James Fry shelter (Gardners, PA) are rotting, and we hope to replace them before they start leaking. We need help hauling the new covers and access panels up to the shelter, then removing the old covers and installing the new ones.

The materials to be hauled include two plywood covers (6’ x 4’) and two access panels (about 40” x 40”), plus some smaller plywood pieces and tools. The two largest pieces are quite heavy; I think we can use my trail cart to haul them at least part of the way. (See photos.) But it’s likely that we’ll need to physically carry them at some parts of the 2/3 mile trip. Even if you don’t think you are strong enough to help carry plywood, you could be helpful pulling the cart or carrying tools.

I’m hoping to find as many as 8 volunteers to share the load. I’m available to do this project on the days listed below.

  • Saturday, November 12
  • Friday, November 18
  • Saturday, November 19

 If any of you are willing to donate a day of your time, please email Bill Saunders at, and indicate which days you would be available. We’’ll pick the day that has the largest number of volunteers.

Privy cover and access panel
Privy tank covers on trail cart