Hike Report: Liberty Reservoir-Coot Peninsula – “11 M”

By Walter Miller

The Liberty Reservoir-Coot Peninsula consists of reservoir service roads, foot trails, and many very nice water views along parts of the Morgan Run and Middle Run sections of Liberty Reservoir. While there are no significant single elevation gains, there are numerous and sometimes steep smaller gains that does provide for a somewhat challenging hike. Early in the hike we do stop to look at the tailing piles and a building foundation associated with the Mineral Hill Mine, which was originally an iron ore mine and then a copper mine that dates back to the 1750s and once employed up to 100 miners in the mid-1800s when part of the Tyson Mining Company (Issac Tyson and family of Baltimore owned nearly all of the mines in the area).

For me, this was my first lead hike at Liberty Reservoir since last winter and it was good seeing many of those that joined me on the hike (many for the first time since last winter). Our group consisted of 11 members and 1 guest including Jim and Sharon Koury, Leslie Marcuse and Norm Engelberg, Dan McQueen, Andy Buttles, Mike Welsh, David Yanosik, Lori Simpson, and Heidi Pringle (plus guest). We had considerable rain during the overnight before the hike (in fact it was still drizzling at the start of the hike) and as such, I was somewhat concerned about the trail conditions and was prepared to alter the hike if needed. However, much to mine and everyone else’s delight, the trails handled the rain very well and the hike was completed as planned. While we did experience a couple quick showers (most only lasted a few minutes and certainly didn’t dampen our spirits), most of the hike was rain-free and the weather turned out to be very pleasant for a January day with temperatures in the low 60s (most of us were hiking in short sleeved shirts). In summary, the hike had good people, good conversation, a good pace, and I believe a good time for all (was for me).

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