Car Break-ins Along Hiking Trails

The National Park Service has informed Trail clubs that multiple car break-ins have occurred at trailheads in VA, PA, and MD. including Catoctin Mountain Park. A crime ring is suspected of committing the smash-and-grab thefts.  The thieves smash the car windows, grab items from the cars, and then flee.  In one theft the thieves stole a purse and used the credit cards to purchase gift cards. The NPS ranger requests that we inform him of any break-ins at A.T. parking areas, or in state or county parks, so that he can keep track of the thefts.

Four cars were broken into last Sunday at Catoctin Mountain Park at the Park Headquarters parking lot and the nearby Cat Rock parking lot in the state park.  Both lots are on Route 77.  Break-ins occurred in June in the gravel parking lot near the visitor center. 

We urge all our members to use caution when parking at trailheads. If possible, don’t leave purses or valuables inside your cars. If any of our hikers do experience a break-in at a trailhead, please notify MCM leadership so we can share the information with NPS. If you are unclear about whom to notify, you can send an email to .