The latest edition of the Mountain Club newsletter, Hiker High Points, is now available. All members should have received a copy by email. If not, you can access it here.

MCM has also issued a printable version of the July – October hike schedule with truncated hike descriptions. Under the new on-line scheduling process, a hike leader types different elements of the hike description into different fields on the web site, and there is no single-paragraph version of the full hike description. A truncated version of the hike description shows on the web site schedule, and a club member must be logged into the web site to view the full hike description on the web site. However, we have produced a print version of the full July – October schedule that shows the truncated information for each hike. That print version is available here. (To see the full set of information for any hike, go to the web site schedule and click on the title of the hike; then you can print out the details for that specific hike for your own use.)