MCM 90th Anniversary T-Shirts are On Sale at our Store

As part of our celebration of our 90th anniversary this year, MCM is providing an opportunity for members to order 90th anniversary t-shirts. As shown in the attached photo, the t-shirts will be light blue with the small circular MCM 90th logo on the left breast, and the larger 90th logo in the back. The material is a wickable cotton/polyster blend that is comfortable for hiking and outdoor activities.

Some of our more senior members will remember that 10-12 years ago we purchased MCM t-shirts for sale to members, and the club misjudged how many to purchase. We were stuck with a lot of leftover shirts that we couldn’t sell. To avoid a recurrence of that problem, in this case we are asking members to pre-order (and pay for) the shirts on our web site during the month of March. At the end of March, we will place the order with ASAP, our vendor. We expect the shirts to be provided to us around the beginning of May. Then our committee will contact you about arrangements to get your shirt(s) to you. To save costs, we don’t plan to mail shirts except as a last resort. As much as possible, we’ll use pick-up points, hikes, or events such as the picnic to give out the shirts. 

This is a one-time opportunity to purchase this special MCM shirt. At the end of March, the opportunity ends. If you wear it on hikes or other times you are outdoors, it will be a great way to make others aware of MCM and our history. (When someone asks you how they can buy one, you can tell them it’s a collectors item.)  I hope many of you will join me in buying and wearing a shirt.

To order one, click on Membership on the top of the MCM front page, then click SHOP on the drop-down menu. There will be a photo of the shirt and descriptive information. To place an order, click on the drop-down box at the bottom of the page and select the desired size, then use the usual payment process that you use to pay for your membership (Paypal or the Paypal guest credit card option). The base price is $20.00, but some of the largest sizes cost more because our vendor charges more.

If you have any concerns or questions about the purchase process, please send an email to