For MCM hikers who enjoyed the Half-HAM event that we held last fall, or who relish long hikes, the MCM Council is pleased to announce that the Mountain Club plans to offer another Half-HAM in the fall of 2023.

As you know, every other year MCM conducts a one-day 41-mile Hike Across Maryland (HAM) from the Pennsylvania border to Harpers Ferry; we held the most recent HAM in May of 2022, and the next full HAM will be held in May 2024.

Last fall, we organized a 21-mile hike from the Pennsylvania border to Washington Monument State Park. Because it was half the distance of the full HAM, last fall’s event was called the Half-HAM. Since then, many of our members have expressed interest in repeating this hike, and the Council has decided to offer another Half-HAM next year.

The next Half-HAM is tentatively scheduled for September 2023. This one-day, 21-mile hike will be limited to MCM members only. More details will be announced next year. For now, everyone has a year to get ready!