NEW To The Web Site: Hike Reports, Travel Stories, And Club News

In order to make the Mountain Club’s web site more current and relevant, we are launching a section to the site, called “Club News”.

Club members who are logged into the site will be able to submit their stories directly, via a page on the web site- or they can forward stories to the web management team, and we’ll post them for you.

In other words – this news section will be driven by your input, your stories, your hike reports, your news articles, and any other contributions you think will be relevant to other club members. So expect us to ‘solicit’ stories and hike reports from you regularly.

What we’re interested in is:
** Reports of recent hikes that you attended, or led,
** News items that will be of interest to club members,
** Descriptions of your non-club hikes, climbs, rides, or kayak activities,
** Expert tips and tricks that will be valuable to MCoMD members, or
** Information about local trails, trail activities, department of natural resources updates … and so on.

We hope you will contribute hike reports and news stories, and we hope you’ll enjoy reading the updates that we expect to publish regularly.