News About The MCoMD Web Site

When we first redesigned the new website, the objective was to replace exactly what we had before – with a system that would be more reliable, easier to main tain, less expensive, and more up to date with modern website trends.

In the next phase, we plan to make the site far more feature-rich, and to add real value to club members. Here are some specifics:

For a long We’ve been keeping the schedule up to date with hike changes or cancelations. So if you’re looking for a hike, the up to date information is not in a pronted document or hanging on your fridge door – it’s online. Log in with your member credentials, and click on “Schedule” – and you’ll find the most up to date information available.

We’re adding content to the site.
– Council meeting minutes are now available for all club members to read. We’ve published the 2015 minutes, and will publish minutes of all meetings going forward. Let us know if you need older council minutes, and we’ll get those published too.

We previously published back issues of the club’s newsletter, the “Hiker High Points”, goung back to 2005. We’ve now published them all the way back to 1995 – so more than 20 years of detailed history is now available.

And of course, there’s this – the new Club News section. This Club News section relies 100% on you. We need your hike reports, travel journals for non-club hikes or related activities, relevant news articles, announcements, and so on. There’s a new section in the “News” section called “Submit Club News”, where you can easily let us have your newsy contributions.

And … there’s a lot more on the way, so watch this space…

For questions or comments – contact the webmaster: