Over 160 Hikes On The Schedule! (Take that, Covid!)

The March-to-June schedule has been published.

But despite (or because of?) Covid, the schedule lists more hikes than ever!
A few relevant stats (as of 2/10/2021):

– The new Trip Schedule has one of each hiking level for all 18 Wednesdays for 54 hikes.
– There are 95 weekend hikes spread over 17 weeks; 10 weekends with 5 or more hikes!
– The hikes will be led by 46 hike leaders with 10 of them leading their first hike.
– There are also new hikes added to keep us all wandering the area trails.
– New member-targeted hikes are provided, and more will be added, while in demand.


Note – there is no public version of the schedule at this time. During the Covid-era, hikes are strictly for club members only.  Members need to log in to view the schedule.