The fees paid by MCM hikers to carpool drivers who transport many of us to hikes have remained unchanged for many years. However, because of the drastic increases in fuel prices this year, it is appropriate that the amounts paid to carpool drivers be adjusted to better reflect driving costs.

The majority of hike carpools start in Howard County (the Fairgrounds or the I-70/MD-32 Park and Ride) and travel to hikes on the A.T., state parks in the Frederick area, etc. The standard fee has been $5.00 per person for many years. Using a new list developed by members of the club’s leadership team, the fees for these common destinations will be increased to $7.00 or $8.00 (depending on the driving distance). The carpool fees for other hikes will be adjusted based on the driving distances, so their fee amounts may differ.

The MCM Excursions Director has notified our hike leaders of the new rates schedule which take effect immediately. MCM is adjusting the carpool fees shown in the hike descriptions already posted on the current web site schedule to match this policy change.  Therefore, hikers should check the web site descriptions of any hikes for which they register (or for which they have already registered) to learn the correct carpool fee. (Also, it will be helpful to have $1.00 bills available.)