Update Your Info in Member Directory

Go to ACCOUNT (upper right corner) after you login. You can review your membership information.  Items with an * asterisk
are required. 
If you change/update information, be sure to scroll to the bottom and SAVE PROFILE.  

Below the phone # box is where you can decide which info you want to appear in the Member Directory on this site.
It’s recommended that you include your email and phone # so Hike Leaders can confirm your attendance at a trailhead. 

Hiker Tip: You may register online when a hike requires registration. You’ll get an instant confirmation and an email confirmation.
Be sure to change your RSVP to “not going” if you are unable to attend the hike. The Hike Leader will thank you!

Logout is in the upper, right-hand corner of all pages to make it easy to find. When you are on your Account page,
there are two options to Logout. 

Questions?  Reach out to one of us.  We’re here to help!
Janine Grossman, president, janinegrossman@gmail.com
Bill Saunders, vice president, trailsaunders@gmail.com
Steve Kempler, excursions chair, sjkempler@gmail.com
Debbie Coble, membership chair, hikingdeb@outlook.com
Duncan Glenday, MCM webmaster, webmaster@mcomd.org